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Good traditional food is always on the menu! Everything at Špelca is home-produced! Eco! Home-baked bread, chees, dried meat (prosciutto, salami, ham, smoked pork neck, streaky bacon ...), gnocchi, soups and jota (stew made from beans, potatoes and sauerkraut), meal dumplings in beef soup, seasonal wild mushrooms, shank, pork chop, roast meat, smoked sausages and skin sausages, bulls, and occasionally foals and lambs, vegetables from the garden, cabbage, turnips, potatoes, homemade jams, desserts...

Also, as usual you will find all sorts of good quality wines from Slovenian Karst region and home-made brandys and gins in the offer. We guarante you will not leave Oštarija Špelca thirsty! Our motto is: "very tasty, homemade and cheap!"

Local specialities

  • Gostilna Špelca


    COLD MEATS: prosciutto, bacon, salami, cheese with home-baked bread


    EGG FRITAJA: with mushrooms, smoked sausage or asparagus


    GRILLED BOLETUS (seasonal)

  • Gostilna Špelca

    Hot appetizers

    HOMEMADE GNOCCHI with mushrooms or goulash


    PASTA with mushrooms or goulash


    HOMEMADE GNOCCHI with venison


    PASTA with venison

  • Gostilna Špelca

    Soups and casseroles

    BEEF SOUP with noodles or dumplings


    MUSHROOM SOUP (seasonal)


    ASPARAGUS SOUP (seasonal)


    STEW (chicken or veal)




    JOTA (stew made from beans, potatoes and sauerkraut)

  • Gostilna Špelca

    Main dishes

    ROAST (pork or veal) with side dish


    STEAKS (natural, vienna, paris) with side dish


    LJUBLJANA STEAK with side dish


    ROSBIF (grilled or natural) with side dish


    MIXED GRILLED MEAT (sausage, chicken, pork roast) with side dish


    CHICKEN (fried, baked or fried) with side dish


    SAUSAGES (grilled or boiled) with side dish


    COLT (on the grill or natural) with side dish


    LAMB with side dish


    SCRABBLE (pork or veal)

  • Gostilna Špelca







  • Gostilna Špelca


    PANCAKES (homemade jams, chocolate, walnuts)


    SEASONAL ROLL (apple, cherry, blueberry, cottage cheese)


    SLICED (chestnut, čokoladnje, cottage cheese, fruit, cream)


Lunch menu


gnocchi with goulash, salad, dessert


soup, 2 kinds of meat with side dish, salad, dessert


cold meats, soup, 2 kinds of meat with side dish, salad, dessert


buckwheat dumplings, soup, 2 kinds of meat with side dish, salad, dessert


tris pasta, soup, 2 kinds of meat with side dish, salad, dessert


The menu and prices are informative and seasonal, please tolerate the right to change menus and prices!
For information on the complete and latest offers and prices, please visit us or contact us!

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