Welcome to Oštarija Špelca

Only five kilometers from Pivka or ten kilometers from Divača you will find "Oštarija Špelca", a restaurant & inn with accommodation! Located in Gornja Košana, Oštarija Špelca offers holidays at fair prices, with great wine, good food and friendly people!

Good traditional food is always on the menu! Ecologically produced! Home-baked bread, chees, prosciutto, salami, ham, gnocchi, soups and jota, mushrooms, shank, roast meat, sausages, bulls, and occasionally foals and lambs...

  Borut Dolgan, Gostilna Špelca s.p.
  Gornja Košana 4
  6256 Košana
  Tel. 05 753 04 13
  Email. borutdolgan@gmail.com

Oštarija Špelca Oštarija Špelca Oštarija Špelca Oštarija Špelca

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